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To search for a phrase, enclose it in quotation marks. For example, to match South Africa, type "South Africa"
Check this box to search within ecoregion descriptions otherwise only ecoregion names will be searched

This search uses Boolean fulltext searching capability. To search for two or more terms, a Boolean "AND" can be queried by placing the term "AND" between terms. A Boolean "OR" query can be structured similarly: with "OR" placed between terms. The form accepts up to six unique terms using these systems.

The default search is a word search: each word of your query is searched independently. By placing quotes around your search phrase you can search the exact phrase.

Note: This search currently supports whole words only. For example, searching for "Tigri" will not return ecoregions with "Tigris". Search does not currently support keywords shorter than four(4) characters.

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